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PLEASE NOTE: Current lead time is approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Fitting, Care & Cleaning

Fixing to the wall

Two pairs of hands makes this easier.

Please try and fix your glass and slate house plaque to a flat a surface as possible. Do not overtighten the screws when fixing the plaque to the wall - especially if on a slightly wobbly surface. It is easier and more accurate to mark and drill one hole at a time. Offer the glass house plaque up to your chosen position on the wall and mark through one of the slate holes. Put down the glass sign and drill and plug the hole. Offer the plaque back up to the wall and locate the screw through the slate and into the wall plug and screw by hand a little way until secure but not tight. Level the plaque and mark the second hole. Remove the glass plaque and drill and plug the second hole. You can now finally screw your glass house plaque to the wall being careful not to overtighten. I would recommend using a hand screwdriver. 

Care and Cleaning

Over time the front of the glass will pick up rain, dust and other dirty marks. This can be cleaned with warm water & diluted washing up liquid, glass cleaner and a soft cloth as you would treat windows and mirrors. If you wish to dismantle the plaque so as to give the back of the glass, the engraving and the slate a thorough clean then please use a 10mm spanner (or adjustable spanner) to remove the M6 dome nuts in an anticlockwise direction, make a note of the assembly order, clean as above and re-assemble. The nuts should be tightened in a clockwise direction just enough so that the assembly is not loose or wobbly. The slate has been sealed with LTP Mattstone, a natural, matt finish impregnating sealer that delicately enhances colour and texture, helps protect against staining, repels water and allows the surface to breathe. This can be bought online and re-applied as and when needed. Alternatively if you have some WD40 then you can use this on the slate instead which will offer similar protection. Spray over the surface, avoid puddling, leave for a few minutes, wipe over with a cloth. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require any help or advice.